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The following is a list of Journal publishers available for reference within the WPL:

– A –

1869 Times8-111982-1987USA SpecializedThe U S 1869 Pictorial Research Associates, USA
A.C. Roessler’s Stamp News10-131918-1922USA AirmailDiscontinued
APF News2006-2009AustraliaAustralian Philatelic Federation
Academvs5-62004-2005Spain & ColoniesBody of Hispanic Academy of Philately
Aero Field, The1-181937-1954WW AirmailFrancis J Field, UK (Discontinued)
Aero Field, The29-301965-1966WW AirmailNo Listing
Aero Field, The33-391969-1975WW AirmailNo Listing
Aero Philatelist Annals, The1-251953-1982AirmailAero Philatelists Inc. /American Airmail Socy, USA
Aero Philatelist News1-71946-1952AirmailAero Philatelists, Inc., USA
Air Mail Magazine1-461939-1942AirmailA Phillips, Wales, UK
Air Mail News48-525/2005 – 2/2010Br. & WWBAMS, then British Aerophilatelic Federation, UK
Airmail Collector1-41928-1932AirmailDiscontinued
Airmail Digest, Yearbook1-21938-1939AirmailDiscontinued
Airpost Journal1-821929-2011AirmailAmerican Air Mail Society, USA
Alaskan Philatelist1-301939-1994AlaskaThe Alaska Collectors Club, USA
Alaskan Philatelist45-482009-2012AlaskaThe Alaska Collectors Club, USA
Albemarle Stamp Collector1-91914-1923WorldwideDiscontinued
American Journal of Philately 1st S1-121869-1878WWNational Philatelic Society of New York
American Journal of Philately 2nd S1-191888-1906WWNational Philatelic Society of New York
American Philatelic Magazine1-61892-1902WWDiscontinued
American Philatelist1-1261887-2012WWAmerican Philatelic Society.
American Revenuer9-211955-1967WW RevenuesAmerican Revenue Association, USA
American Revenuer24-641970-2011WW RevenuesAmerican Revenue Association, USA
American Stamp Dealer (& Collector)2007-2012USANeil PRINT Media
American Stamp Digest1-21935-1937WWDiscontinued
American Stamp Mercury and Numismatist1-21867-1869WWDiscontinued
Americana Philatelic News7-101977-1980WWAmerican Unit ATA
Americana Philatelic News15-181985-1988WWAmerican Unit ATA
Americana Philatelic News2/-361997-2006WWAmerican Unit ATA
Americana Philatelic News37-412007-2011WWAmerican Unit ATA
Anhui Jiyou1-191987-1992ChinaNo Listing
Anuario de la Revista Filatelica Paraguaya2-31945-1947WWParaguay
Annuario de la Revista Filatelica Paraguaya5-71951-1955WWParaguay
Archive Fur Deutsche Postgeschichte1955-1993GermanyDeutsche Bundespost, Germany
ASAC Monthly1965-1968AsiaNo Listing
ASDA Bulletin1944-1971U.S.American Stamp Dealers Association
ASDA Bulletin1973U.S.American Stamp Dealers Association
Asia Pacific Exhibitor7-201994-2008AustraliaNational Assoc for Phil Exhibitors, Australia
Asia Stamp Journal11939-1940AsiaDiscontinued
Asian Philately1-141977-1985AsiaInter-Asian Philatelic Federation
Astrophile16-331972-1988SpaceSpace Unit ATA
Astrophile36-511991-2006SpaceSpace Unit ATA
Australasian Informer, The (See “Informer” for Vol 45 & up)1-441936-1980Australia
Australasian Stamps41999-2000AustraliaNo Listing
Australian Commonwealth Chit Chat1966-1974AustraliaAmerican Society of Australian Philatelists
Australian Commonwealth Collectors – Club of New South Wales Bulletin1-61962-1967AustraliaAmerican Society of Australian Philatelists
Australian Commonwealth Collectors – Club of New South Wales Bulletin8-441969-2005AustraliaAmerican Society of Australian Philatelists
Australian Commonwealth Collectors – Club of New South Wales Bulletin Supplement17-381973-1982AustraliaAmerican Society of Australian Philatelists
Australian Exhibitor1-61988-1993Asian ExhibitorsNational Assoc for Phil Exhibitors, Australia
Australian Journal of Philately 67-901999-2004WWAustralian Philatelic Society
Australian Journal of Postal History57-661966-1998WWPostal History Journal
Australian Philatelic Bulletin31-1021958-1970AustraliaNo Listing
Australian Philatelic Bulletin117-1371973-1978Australia
Australian Philatelist1-31987-1991Australia
Australian Posthorn1-221975-2001AustraliaPostal Sty and Postal History Soc of Australia
Australian Stamp Bulletin138-3131979-2011AustraliaAustralia Post
Australian Stamp Journal1-411910-1951AustraliaNo Listing
Australian Stamp Monthly2-511931-1981AsiaAlec A Rosenblum, Australia
Australian Stamp Monthly54-591983-1988AsiaAlec A Rosenblum, Australia
Austria1-821966-1987AustriaAustrian Stamp Club of Great Britain, UK
Austria Philatelic Society of New York Bulletin0-221948-1970AustriaAustria Philatelic Society (U.S.)
Austria Philatelist1-3101945-1971Austria & EuropeThe Austrian Philatelic Society
Avocations1-31937-1939Hobbies & LeisureH.L. Lindquist, 1937-1939


Tear Sheets by definition are generally 1 to 10 page articles referencing one subject (postal history of author, stamps, FDC’s, Cancels, etc.). There are roughly 16,000 tear Sheets available for reference within the WPL listed by subject and country.  Too many to list individually however I’m sure we have something covering your area of interest. Consolidated listingsContinue Reading