Many philatelic societies all over the world support the Western Philatelic Library through a journal Exchange Program.  These groups provide the Library with a complimentary subscription to their journals and often complimentary copies of any of their sponsored publications (books, checklists, handbooks, and the like).  We are very grateful to each of these groups, and we encourage collectors to get in touch with the groups that may interest them.  Such groups have the ability, like the Library does, to extend and enrich the enjoyment of stamp collecting.  If you make an enquiry, let the group know you found them on the Western Philatelic Library’s web site.

We have complimentary journal subscriptions to the journals of the following groups:

If you are an Editor of a journal or a member of a society that is not part of this program, please consider joining us as an Associate in our Journal Exchange Program to spread the knowledge of your society to a wider audience (and thus swell your membership) as well as making your special knowledge available to philatelists and writers all over the world.  As a bonus, you’ll get a free subscription to our journal The Bay Phil.

For more information on the journal exchange program contact Roger Skinner at the Western Philatelic Library.   Report link changes to the Webmaster.