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The Philatelic Union Catalog, hosted by the American Philatelic Research Library, allows you to search the holdings of the WPL and other philatelic libraries simultaneously.  To research books by tile or author use the Union Catalog Search engine.

The following is a list of catalogue publishers available for reference within the WPL. Catalogue Publishers Index Aarhus Friemarkehandel, Copenhagen, Denmark Aarhus Friemarkehandel, Stockholm, Sweden Abdel-Raouf., Habib Academica Hispanica de Filatelia: Madrid, Spain Ackland, William, Melbourne, Australia Adenaw, Julius K. Adgey, Edgar W.H. Adler, Guilio, Trieste Aerogram Catalogue Publishing co. Inc., NY Aerophilatelic Society ofContinue Reading

Tear Sheets by definition are generally 1 to 10 page articles referencing one subject (postal history of author, stamps, FDC’s, Cancels, etc.). There are roughly 16,000 tear Sheets available for reference within the WPL listed by subject and country.  Too many to list individually however I’m sure we have something covering your area of interest. Consolidated listingsContinue Reading