Collections and Policies

The Western Philatelic Library has been built through donations to be the second largest philatelic library in the USA that is open to the general public for recreation and research. Our history describes how the library has acquired other libraries over the years, and we still welcome any society or individual who wishes to place a library collection with us.  We have already accepted the libraries of the Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania and the Tonga/Tin Can Mail Study Circle, and several other specialist societies.

These societies’ libraries will be kept separate and administered as separate collections that will circulate to their members.  The advantage for their members, besides relieving someone of the storage and administration of a library, is that their members will have access to the larger Western Philatelic Library main collection.  The advantage to other patrons of WPL is that they can use the separate collection for research on premises or request copies of key articles from the specialist publications which these libraries tend to have.

If your group is interested in placing your collection in our hands, either as a separately administered collection or as a merger with our collection, please e-mail FWPL President Stuart Leven.

The library holds these Special Collections

  • Czeslaw Slania Study Group
  • India Study Circle
  • Korean Stamp Society
  • Post Card
  • Postal Stationary Society
  • Railroad – Casey Jones Society
  • Society of Australasia Specialist/Oceania William H. Buckley Library
  • Tanna Tuva Collections Society
  • Tonga – Tin Can Mail Study Circle
  • U. S. Cancellations Club