Disinfected Mail

A bibliography of disinfected mail includes books, pamphlets, articles (tear sheets) that encompass this special interest.  A search of on-line booksellers under "Quarantine" will also reveal a list of books which may be important collateral histories of countries fighting the spread of epidemics.  In the following list, and asterisk (*) means that this book is not available through our library at this time, but it is important enough to philatelists to list as a resource:

*D'Agostino, Andrea W., Contagio [Italian].

*A.I.S.P., Bolli e documenti di Sanita dell'Area Italiano, 1985 [Italian].

*Carnevale and Guiges, Les Communicationes en Temps d'Epidemie [French].

Davidson, Glen W., The Emmet F. Pearson Collection of Disinfected Mail, 1992.

De Zanche, Luciano, Storia della Disinfezione Postale in Europa e nell'Area Mediterranea, 1997 [Italian].

Feuser, Peter, Deutsche Vorphilatelie, 1990 [German].

*Galea, The Quarantine Service and Lazaretto of Malta

Green, Irving I., "Holocaust in Hawaii," The Collectors Club Philatelist, Vol. 32 No. 1.

Guerrant, E. J., "Why are these Covers So Elusive?" WPL Tearsheet #3922

Lane, Maryette, "Florida's Hellfire and Brimstone Mail," Weekly Philatelic Gossip, August 8 and 15, 1953.

Meyer, K. F., Disinfected Mail, 1962.

Meyer, K. F., "Historical Notes on Disinfected Mail," reprint from Journal of Nervous and Mental Disorders, Vol 116 No. 6, 1952.

Patton, Donald S., "Disinfected Mail," reprint from American Philatelist, February 1953.

Sandrik, William A., "Disinfected Mail," American Philatelist, April 1986.

Sandrik, William A., "Plague Disinfection at New York in 1897," Postal History Journal, October 1981 and "Addendum," Postal History Journal, June 1983.

Vandervelde and Garcia, Gibraltar Quarantine and Disinfection of Mail, 1994.

In addition to the above, the Disinfected Mail Study Circle [UK] publishes a quarterly journal, Pratique, devoted exclusively to disinfected mail.  The WPL has copies of these journals for study.

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