Membership, Benefits & Dues,


Participating Membership:

Participating membership dues are $25.00 per year, $28.00 per year, or $35.00 per year for residents of the U. S., Canada, and overseas residents, respectively.

Contributing Membership

Contributing Members dues are a minimum of $38.00 per year, or $38.00 per year, or $45.00 per year, for residents of the U. S., Canada, and overseas residents, respectively. Members paying dues at the Contributing Member rate receive a free hard-bound philatelic book of their choosing.

Life Membership

A Life Membership is available for a one-time payment of $250.00 for residents of the U. S. and Canada, and $350.00 for residents overseas. Life Members pay no further annual dues after becoming a Life Member.

Founding Membership

Founding Memberships are available for a one-time payment of $1000.00, after which the Founding Member pays no further annual dues.  The Founder’s name is engraved on a plaque in the Library.


Benefits of Membership

  • The Bay Phil                   A quarterly newsletter of reviews, articles, tear sheet list, books for sale and philatelic publishing announcements.
  • Publications                  Take advantage of the 10% member discount. Our book list offers titles covering a wide range of topics for all levels of collectors (under construction).
  • Stamp Store                Purchase stamps online using your 10% membership discount (under construction).


* * * * How To Become A Member * * * * *

The following link provides a membership application which may be printed, completed and sent to Friends of The Western Philatelic Library together with your dues payment.

Printable Membership Application.

As an all volunteer organization FWPL relies on it’s members talent to support its’ operation, please click on the volunteer page and see if you are able to support in one of the many ways listed.