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Tear Sheets

One policy of the Friends of the Western Philatelic Library is to inform members about the availability of duplicate material . One such service is the extraction of ‘tear sheets ‘ from various journals. These are pages on a single subject area extracted from journals, newspapers, pamphlets, etc., going back many years. Tear sheets are loaded with information. Wherever possible pages from several sources on the same subject are combined to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, such as when an article is augmented or refuted by a letter-to-the-editor, or subsequent articles on the same subject appear in the same or separate sources.  The compiling of these sheets is done by volunteers and the cost charged is set to cover copying costs only. Any surplus funds received from sales help with operational expenses and toward acquisitions for the WPL which it could not otherwise obtain. WPL has published lists of tear sheets for years in its newsletter, The Bay Phil, usually alternating U.S. subjects and foreign lists in every other issue.

Newly issued Tear Sheet Listings:-

Consolidated listings can be found here.


  • mailing costs, 50c per page for b&w copy or $1 for color (if applicable and requested) plus postage.
  • email costs, 50c per page for either b&w or color.