The Bay Phil is the quarterly newsletter of the Friends of the Western Philatelic Library (FWPL), a non-profit organization.  The contents of The Bay Phil are copyrighted 2017 by FWPL.  It has always been our policy that material can be used in whole or in part by individuals or other non-profit organizations, provided credit is given to The Bay Phil and the individual authors of the reproduced material.  A copy of publications since 2010 can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  Copies of earlier newsletters can be obtained by contacting the library.


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Jul/Aug 10282Jul/Aug 13298Jul/Aug 16315
Sep/Oct 10283Sep/Oct 13299Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec 16316
Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb 11284/5Nov/Dev 13 (missing)300Aug 17317
Mar/Apr 11 (missing)286Jan/Feb 14301
May/Jun 11287Mar/Apr 14302
Jul/Aug 11288May/Jun 14303
Sep/Oct 11289 Jul/Aug 14304
Nov/Dec 11290Nov/Dec 14305
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May/Jun/Jul/Aug 12292Mar/Apr 15307
Sep/Oct 12293May/Jun 15308
Nov/Dec 12294Jul/Aug 15J309
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Nov/Dec 15311